Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Mark Cuban lives a life many men are envious of-untold riches, his own basketball
team and all of its attendant perks. Cuban's a self-made dude, closing his first
major deal at 32 and then striking it huge selling his company to Yahoo! in his
early 40s. He recently re-blogged his most common FAQ-How do you get rich? And
his response carries the usual work-hardisms and the like, with some slightly
more unique takes on saving money using discretion with good deals.

Now, Cuban is known to play the part of spoiled billionaire when anywhere near a
basketball court, but that betrays his business track record and overall intelligence.

But if wanting to take a look at a purer form of intelligence, I've been finding Obama's
Dreams of my Father to be a great read, particularly in his awkward and uncertain
times in his 20s. It's refreshing to hear that everyone goes through that, life's an ongoing
story that twists and continues to build as we go along. Or something like that.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


of this...what started as something pretty casual and sporadic had become very
casual and sporadic, yet...I soldier forth.

Seemed like almost everyone had a blog 4 or 5 years ago...eons, really, in internet time.
But the thing is with blogs, you gotta keep plugging away. And some of us do that a lot
better than others (I'm definitely one of the others) but my big thing is to never...give...

Now, most of that has meant a shift a way from music quasi-reportage to quasi-
personal meandering thoughts. Personal, but not really. And an emphasis on pictures.
Pictures are easy.

With the picture emphasis, maybe some change is in order. A shift to one of my tumblr
blogs perhaps, or something entirely new as it's been years now since I've been a part of
Team Pollution. Time will tell.