Thursday, December 25, 2008

celebrating ubiquity

Forget the UK's traditional #1 'Christmas Single' (sorry Alexandra Burke, whoever you are), these 2 songs were the big hits if you watched any TV in the last month:

Have a great one!

Monday, December 15, 2008

why the hell not?

Best Album Art - El Guincho

OK my top 10 records that got the most play in 2008:

1. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Got it in the mail, then it proceeded to completely pillage my itunes Top 25 Most Played. For good reason.

2. Fleet Foxes - s/t

The Band didn't start as some club act and work their way up. They got a shitload of buzz and played big venues and charged lots and lots of money for tickets right from the beginning. Fleet Foxes is sort of the 21-st century version, but with some CSNY in there (minus the asshole factor, I think).

3. Friendly Fires - s/t

A late-ish year arrival, is currently doing to itunes what Cut Copy did (but continues to do) a number of months ago. So so danceable.

4. Ghost Bees - Tasseomancy EP

These witchy and kinda weird twins-they're something. Seeing them the first time (at Sneaks, they were wearing masks) was like the first time I saw Final Fantasy-you just knew.

5. Jim Noir - s/t

Not quite 'Tower of Love', but still worth 20 or 30 spins most of the way through. Consistently under-appreciated by others. Not me though.

6. Estelle - Shine

In lieu of a proper Lauryn Hill second coming, Estelle will do just fine for now.

7. Air France - No Way Down EP

Summer of 2008's perfect summer record. Also tests well in other seasons.

8. El Guincho - Alezgranza!

The ending of Eternal Sunshine as an album, combined with all of City of God (as an album).

9. Brendan Canning - Something For All Of Us

To contrast Air France, a true winter record-am expecting a lot more listens this winter. (You Forgot It In People is also clearly a winter record, as if I needed to tell you that).

10. Kanye West - 808's and Heartbreaks

A grower, not a show-er, which is something different for Kanye. Could use more bangers, but that's not the point (I guess). His Zooropa.

Friday, December 12, 2008


A friend recently snagged a 4th row floor ticket for the Lakers on a recent trip to LA-and raved about the opening. Bright lights, big city!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

projects in development as of Dec 6/08

- GNR jukebox musical
- CCR/Fogerty biopic

Friday, December 05, 2008


Is, just, sort of the best, you know? You just want to hang out with the guy. The fact that he can still SING and PLAY and it sounds like it did from back in the day ain't bad either.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

Goodbye Sam

"We need some MEN to play on this team. We had guys with a stats line tonight 0-0-0-0. We need some MEN to play basketball for us."

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Some early reviews were tepid, but this film is picking up a LOT of steam and quickly moving into must-see territory.

Monday, December 01, 2008

the beginning of the end (of '08)

Not the best video, but the best song for this time of year.

I was never a fan of early December in my university years-sure classes were wrapped, but exams loomed large before the holidays. Great tests (and failures) in self-discipline when you have to deal with that laggard exam 7 days after your second-to-last one. Never did well on those.

In recent times December represents a certain amount of fun busyness-work party plans (in progress since...May) are close to fruition, though other industry parties (there used to be half dozens!) come close to an all-time low. Time back in Winnipeg is also in the cards, though that time seems to get pared down from year to year. And we're not yet at all the year-end contemplating all things business, which is nice.