Monday, June 29, 2009

"You can get infamous, but you can't get un-famous"

So said Dave Chappelle a couple years back on Inside The Actor's Studio. In the context
of himself and the recently-departed MJ, that was certainly the case, but Chapelle seems
back on the way to making his 'crazy' era an ever more distant memory, combined with a
genuinely quieter lifestyle.

BUT over the weekend I worked another short gig for a major festival in town, minding
agfter talent and took in a full range of fame, and it is truly relative. Fame also seems
to be rarely stable, and when you work with a variety of people
riding the crest or sliding into the trough it becomes all the more how quickly most of it can
slip away. The savvier artists can hold onto enough fame to eke out a living for years though-
and they're the ones who are consistently consummate professionals, with minimized egos
and graciousness in place.

Unfortunately some of the ones on the way up have not yet learned the lessons, and
while everyone I dealt with was totally nice and (mostly) talented, the trappings of things
like a bunch of bodyguards etc. comes off as a little silly. I know of few successful 'soft'
managers in the business, many more operate as 'hard' at all times, but the best seem
capable of either and determining exactly when being one or the other is necessary.

After the performances were complete, everyone was shipped off (or in the case of some
locals, biked home), and off to the next town, like any other traditional travelling show
or circus. It's a tough life, no doubt, even on the higher end a nice hotel ain't home, but they
do it anyway at least until that last bit of notoriety is gone for good.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


1.) ARE the yeah yeah yeahs the best rock band to come out of this decade?

2.) IS there a hotter frontwoman than Karen O? really?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Movie of the Summer

The Summer of '08 included an obsession with Heat, which involved many repeat viewings
of the 3-hour crime epic and a constant verbalization of the film's many catchphrases, with a
fellow blogging friend.

Now that we're officially into the Summer of '09, the question arises: what will it be this
summer? Some basic criteria follows so far:

- be very quotable
- be badass
- stand up to many repeat viewings, at all hours of the day/night

What will come forward into our entertainment subconscious is unclear, but stay tuned
to this spot come, say, mid-August for repeated crazed references to what by then will
clear be 2009's Movie of the Summer.

Thursday, June 18, 2009



A co-worker hooked me up with like 6 brand new combs yesterday! what's a guy
to do with so many fine combs? start carrying one all the time I guess, just like my
dad. Next step? Drakkar Noir

Thursday, June 11, 2009


You've probably seen this ad on TV too...or the full page newspaper ads...unless you're someone
who never watches network TV and reads newspapers-and frankly there's an ever-growing
amount of people out there who fit that bill. The ad campaign is befuddling for a number of
reasons, namely:

1) they just got bailed out by governments and are spending the money on this?!
2) the irony is using also-dying mediums to get the word out
3) their target market, granted, still reads newspapers and watches a lot of network TV,
is dying off itself to a degree and/or is probably loyal to GM to the bitter end


Monday, June 01, 2009


very excited for doves tonight at the ol' kool haus.