Tuesday, April 05, 2011


LCD was pretty much everything I thought it'd be. Our Auxiliary Press Box seats were
a little weird in terms of layout (ancient desk area, connection ports/wiring etc.) but
allowed for plenty of dancing, beer storage, arm-in-arm twirling and so forth.

Clocking in at just under 4 hours (with several breaks) the band played everything they
should have played, and then some. Thousands were dressed in the apparently ordered-upon
black and/or white, with many dressed to the nines-fit for a funeral or New Year's, or both
as it really was.

We happened to be standing near two lovely ladies from Seattle, both immaculately dressed,
and I talked with one during the show about LCD and New York, how we felt we had to be
there, not only at the show but New York, and how it feels more and more like Home every
time we go there. Maybe it was just the overpriced beer talking on our behalf, or the
emotions of the moment, but after the balloons fell and the buzz wore off it's still hard to shake
that feeling. Likely because that feeling's been kicking around for years.

Whether LCD stays retired or the Seattleite or I make the move of our lifetimes, we'll always have that Saturday night at MSG.