Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new minor obsession: aviation

Recently someone pointed out this 'Ask Me' thread on a poker message board, where a
longtime American airline pilot answers all manner of questions from people. The pilot,
under the handle WOXOF, very amiably answers questions with interesting stories and
anecdotes about a bunch of things I had never even come close to thinking about before.
The thread, in tandem with further additional material on good ol' wikipedia and youtube
has provided a wealth of lunch hour 'edutainment'. Check out some more cool vids:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


TONIGHT another of my fave bands from the '90s teen years gets crossed off
list, as the Stone Temple Pilots bring their show to the Kool Haus.

This particular tour is a bit odd as a new album is a ways off, and in TO's case they're
playing a much smaller venue than most of the rest of the tour, where they've primarily
been hitting arenas. That's probably because they played Rama recently, and there hasn't
a been a lot of set list fluctuation either, but hey! I've never seen them!

There won't be too many bands left on my mid-'90s nostalgia list...perhaps Soundgarden? +

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

worst goddam newspaper site redesign EVER

YES let's take an OK site design and make it REALLY shitty in terms of aesthetics
AND usuability! Let's make it look like a generic Wordpress blog, which everyone else has
already switched to and make online news a shitty generic wasteland of irrelevant bullshit!

The Toronto Star has really fucked this up. I've tried to give the redesign a chance over the
past month but other than bookmarking a couple select columnists and blogs, it seems better
to just read the Globe and NY Times (which both still look and work like newspaper sites).

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I was Girl Talk for Halloween. Everything is EPIC/LOCKED IN.