Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My favourite team, Anyone-but-the-Leafs, is undefeated so far this year! Go team(s)!

In other more important sports, 2 WEEKS 'til tipoff, excited!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

on late night

It would be nice, perhaps, to time travel back to 2004 and stop what's going on with
late night TV currently. One may have been able to ease Conan's restlessness, which
caused the current deal to come to light with him taking over the Tonight Show, Leno
getting his own (repulsive) show at 10pm, and Jimmy Fallon (ugh) taking over the
Late Night spot. The end result on NBC has been a thoroughly diluted lineup of late night
comedy, with Conan in particular having difficulty meeting the gap between Leno's
middle-American 'safe' standup style behaviour, and his own past success using more
bizarre sketches. Conan still uses sketches, but a clear focus is on the watered-down
segments like State Quarters...

SO we're seeing CBS as a result take a lead in the ratings at 11:30, and sometimes at
12:30, and Dave's recent indiscretions will likely only further his lead on a somewhat...
castrated Conan. Ferguson, who I long wrote off as a Shrek-esque caricature, has totally
won me over, with his Cold Opens being the best segment on late night, currently. y'know?