Friday, January 20, 2012


When Jim Valvano first got to NC State, the first year they got blown out by North Carolina twice. After the second loss, a State alum came up to him and said "Coach, I know you're not from here-you're from the North-but we can't be losing to North Carolina this way." And Jim said, "Oh I understand we're gonna do better against the Tar Heels next year." And the alum says, "No no coach, you don't understand-if you don't beat the Tar Heels next year we're going to kill your dog." And Valvano said 'No I DO understand, I should tell you I don't have a dog but I get your point."

The next morning Valvano goes to get his newspaper and opens up the front door of his house. There's a basket sitting on the front step. He looks under the blanket and there's the cutest puppy you ever saw. Around the puppy's neck is a note that says: "Don't get too attached."