Wednesday, April 20, 2005

so very euro

m83 with Ulrich Schnauss
Lee's Palace
April 19/05

hoo! so very euro, last night was. Ben and I stepped into Lee's moments after Ulrich arrived on stage-or so I presume, he may have been sitting there for 15 minutes, sans music, but we were just in time for him. Certainly the negative buzz on his SXSW show had me somewhat skeptical of his live show, but I was thoroughly impressed with his music as it has some subtle percussive element that had me interested and moving through the whole thing. His 45 minute set flew by.

The same cannot be said for m83, unfortunately, as despite performing in a 4-piece lineup, bigger and louder was by no means better. Though I'm only acquainted with a few tracks off of the 2 albums out now, I found the performance to be-yes intense-but the material completely lacking.

I don't think I was the only one who thought this either, as the crowd steadily headed for the door and turned a suprisingly small 'sold out' audience even smaller by show's end.

Part of this might have been on the audio end though, as at least 1 audiophile friend-of-a-friend left abruptly during Schnauss' set due to 'terrible sound'. This comment was overhead by yours truly more than once last night. uhhhh, sure! I guess I'm not as up on sonics as other people, but ultimately there has to be some level of engagement, which Schnauss pulled off with a laptop and MIDI keyboard, but not m83 as a full freakin' band.

So it goes.

Swedish Fetish plays the Cameron tonight. Weary but excited! tiny instuments!


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