Monday, April 18, 2005

a lot on

SHINS! last night was good-maybe even very good. Keep in mind I'm less than familiar with Chutes Too Narrow. The band was solid-on in every way, with a great mix, and James Mercer's voice was totally great through everything.

Marty Crandall served as the night's master of ceremonies though, treating the crowd to his 'plain bagel' belly and oft-threatening to go 'skins' in the hot room.

Chatty crowd wasn't the best, but what can you expect in a big room like that. Apparently had some 'admirers', which is both rare and strange.

Ah yes, the room. Due to a fortunate explode in popularity for this band, the promoter was forced to book the big Kool Haus in order to make it doable (as opposed to a more intimate and interesting Phoenix). Ultimately, the crowd favourites are some of the band's quietest numbers, and hence, a show at Massey Hall should be in order upon their return.

I like their material, but it's hard to be transcendant when you're dealing with rather low-key music.

tonight: the one that's trendy to hate, with buck 65
tomorrow: m83/ulrich schnauss
wednesday: swedish fetus lounge!


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