Saturday, April 30, 2005

how swede it is!

Mando Diao
with The Comas and Amber Room
Horseshoe Tavern
April 29/05

It must be tough to break away from the identification or synonmity (a word? it is now!) between Sweden and The Hives, but based on the performance last night, Mando Diao will die trying at making a distinction.

It's always good to see energy, but it's even better to have songs, and they certainly have a few kicking around. Two lead singers doesn't hurt either, and Bjorn & Gustaf can certainly carry the memories (though maybe not the harmonica...) quite well. There's piles of bounce to the music, maybe Franz-like, but not nearly as rigid-though hardly flaccid neither!

Okay, enough stick talk, the simple fact of the matter is that the band stood out in a week of impeccable live performances. Discs are en route to me, and a further ear will be out. You can also see the video!

NC's The Comas were also quite capable, if not overly enthralling. Good doses of sexual tension in that band-the good kind.


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