Friday, April 29, 2005

childen, WAKE UP!

Arcade Fire
with Wolf Parade & Final Fantasy
Danforth Music Hall
April 28/05

it's been years since I've had so much anticpation for a show. This week was defined with a furious exchange of emails and conversations among friends who went to or were coming with me to one of the 3 Toronto shows, and expectations were running incredibly high.

Ultimately, the band met those expectations, particularly as some have already pointed out, with the strength and IMPACT of the late set (Power Out)/Rebellion 1-2 tour de force. It was at that point and frequently thereafter that the jaw was left open in amazement and appreciation. You just can't help clapping and cheering along, to not would make you soul-less! My other major highlight had to be No Cars Go.

No end of show fireworks though. After the band got into the crowd on Tuesday, and the crowd got up with the band Wednesday, a quiet procession by the group offstage (with Win twisted in some scrum in the crowd for awhile) closed out an incredible 6 shows in 6 nights.

Only this weekend's potentially huge-maker at Coachella will be bigger, but about 3300 young people will remember these shows as something special.

Owen was incredible, as always, visions of Carnegie and Massey hall were present during his set-if he wants it. Wolf Parade was great, but not necessary, and I look forward to seeing them on their own under their own context.

Post show we wondered what the next steps are-when these shows were announced they were met with some resistance re: size and ticket price, and now the sky is the limit.

But how high do they take it?


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