Tuesday, April 05, 2005

juno I


arrival! on time! ian d'sa on board! uh, landsberg too! run into inward eye manager glen willows! going to the show saturday! carlos nachos! toad downstairs!



nice day out. sunny. nice lunchos. order 'phonics tickets (can't...beat...habit!). pope death watch on ultra-high-code-red-alertz!

fire off to the radisson to meet up with work colleages. third Fort Garry of of the trip.
welcoming reception at the concert hall, ahh, the concert hall (6.5 working years there, people!). see LOTS of old crony friends and acquaintances, some I hadn't seen since I moved away. Scott can't resist talking arcade fire shop-can you blame him? run into Bryan from Chart-what the hell are you doing here? read his fantastic coverage at the link.

on the cab away from the reception, the cabbie (who I swear had flies buzzing around him) bears the bad news:

cabbie: "who's that guy that's supposed to be in for the junos?"
us: "huh?"
cabbie: "tribute or something?"
us: "neil young?"
cabbie: "yeah got a brain an-yer-ism. not coming in. they've known since tuesday"
us: "whah?!?!"

after dinner, it's off to king's head to meet kev-o, then steve and kyle. latter two sadly sneak off to coyote's-if you only knew...they pay for it later.

we hit the show of the weekend, the literally underground DADADADA:Lazers show.
this band is hot. it's got freddie mercury, it's got janis joplin.
they will come soon and style you out of your pants. toronto lawyer drafting paperwork.

afterwards, new meanies at the collective. crowd was going CRAZY. Bryan arrives with (non-sexual) harem. steve and kyle (and other harem) arrive just in time for Red Blanket. I knew I was in trouble when any and all remaining industry scattered-yes, yes, I know, I know, but it's just not a good sign. this band comprised of 4 dudes metal soloing. viciously. all licks, all the time. not gonna link 'em, not even gonna look for a link.

drive kyle home. that it.


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